Vapour hood cleaning

If you open a catering business, you must ensure that the hygiene guidelines imposed are followed. This makes it necessary to have your business thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Cleaning start works exclusively with professional equipment, such as a steamer, so that bacteria and fats do not stand a chance.

Why does the cooker hood need to be cleaned annually?

For fire insurance purposes, an annual thorough cleaning must be performed by a specialised company. You can and may have the cooker hood cleaned several times a year, but this is not a must.

How do we proceed?

Cooker hood

A cooker hood needs to be cleaned in a specific way. The method may vary slightly from one cooker hood to another, but that depends on the model.

The working method in a few steps:

First, we clean the cooker hood manually with a degreaser. After it has been absorbed, we start working with a steamer. The combination of the degreaser and steamer provides a brilliant result. All bacteria and viruses in and around your cooker hood(s) are combated.

Other companies go for the classic way, using sponges to clean the cooker hood. This process is finished by rinsing and drying the cooker hood. This is not the right way if you want a bacteria-free cooker hood.


One part of the cooker hood that is not always easy to reach but also needs attention are the tubes. Cleaning Start also cleans these with the steamer, as this is where the grease easily accumulates. We clean the tubes as far as possible, as some of them are simply inaccessible. For fire insurance purposes, the first 1.5 metres must be cleaned, which Cleaning Start always does.


Cleaning and disinfecting the motor is a complex process for some models. Cleaning Start only cleans the housing of the motor if it cannot be disassembled. With an electric motor only the casing is cleaned, as water and electricity do not go hand in hand. A belt-driven motor, the fan is cleaned. And the last type of hood are the heat recovery systems or intake and extraction systems. We replace the air filters of these and disinfect them as well, of course.

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