Neglected/abandoned house

For one (personal) reason or another, homes fall into disrepair. This Cleaning Start service is not afraid of any dirt. We are ready to put on our gloves and start cleaning with a rough brush.

In the past, we have been entrusted with various jobs by social housing associations, public social welfare centres, notaries public and private individuals.

You do not need to worry about the scheduling of the container, the correct permits, etc. Cleaning Start will take care of all this, down to the last detail. There will always be proper guidance and supervision for our people, because personal belongings need extra attention. What all belongs to this category is always discussed. Humanity is our greatest asset!

Cleaning Start always makes sure that there are photos of before, during and after the work. This way you can see the work we have done. The photos of the result have always left the customer amazed. Are you curious about these so-called customers? Cleaning Start can provide you with numerous references.

Contact Cleaning Start now and we will gladly show you our expertise.