About us

Who are we?

Cleaning Start is a Belgian cleaning company that has had decades of experience in the hospitality sector and related sectors (e.g. OCMW, hospitals and homes). The company is run by Monica Aléman and her family. They work closely together and in a short time the company has been able to generate many customers in Belgium. So, in early 2021, Cleaning Start decided to expand into the neighbouring countries - Netherlands and Germany.

We attach great importance to the relationship with the customer, because trust is the key to success.

Our mission

An international cleaning company that offers the right balance between quality and price.

What do we do?

Cleaning Start does not offer one, two or three services, but four!

We clean the hoods of both Michelin-starred restaurants and the snack bar around the corner. We also clean neglected and abandoned homes to make them liveable again. And recently, we started offering the service of window washing. Of each service we have before and after pictures, because pictures say more than words.

Contact Cleaning Start now and we will gladly show you our expertise.